R Programming Mug

Looking for a mug with the R programming logo?

I created a mug with the R programming logo for a friend and colleague’s going away gift but after it was delivered I realized I wanted one too. I may also order a few to give away at the R Meetup I organize. I think other R programmers might want one so I’m making it available to everyone here.

Both new R logo mugs and old R logo mugs are available.

Get your R mug and other R logo items at http://www.cafepress.com/rprogrammingnet.

R programming mug with the new logo:

R programming language mug with the new logo.

Mug with the old logo:

R programming language mug.

The R mug is good quality with a detailed R logo printed on one side. It’s available in white in a normal (called “small” by cafepress) 11 oz. size and a mega 20 oz. size. The normal size is also available in a color-changing finish that changes from black to white when hot liquid is added. Use the color-changing mug with your vintage Hypercolor t shirt and bring back the 90s!

Stainless steel water bottles and travel mugs with the R logo are also available.

If you get one, tweet a picture of your R programming mug in use to @RProgramming!

R t shirts and R decals

I’ve also got R t shirts and R decals (great for laptops) for sale at http://www.cafepress.com/rprogrammingnet. Let me know if there’s another item you’d like.

2 thoughts on “R Programming Mug

  1. gc141x

    R 3.2.5 on OS X has a stylish logo with a pale grey halo and a bright blue R that is an improvement on the dark grey halo and dark blue R. Any chance that this will appear on a mug? Thanks

    1. Justin@RProgramming.net Post author

      I just posted a mug with the new logo to Cafepress. See links above. Thanks!


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