How to Install R Fast!

Follow the instructions below to install R quickly and easily. If you’re familiar with installing software on your computer you probably don’t need these instructions since there’s nothing really different about R.

Step 1 to Install R:

First, find the R file that you downloaded. It’s probably in your Downloads folder. If you haven’t downloaded R yet, follow these instructions to get the file:

The file should look like this:

R Executable File - Install R

Step 2 to Install R:

Double-click the file. This will open a Open File – Security Warning window.

Open File - Security Warning

Step 3 to Install R:

Click Run. If you’re running Windows 7 like I am this will open a Do You Want to Allow the Following Program From an Unknown Publisher to Make Changes to this Computer window.

Step 4 to Install R:

Click Yes. This brings up the Select Setup Language window.

Step 5 to Install R:

Select your language and click OK. This opens the Welcome to the R 1.15.1 Setup Wizard window.

Welcome to the R for Windows Setup Wizard

Step 6 to Install R:

Click Next. This opens the GNU General Public License. Actually take a few seconds to check this out and think about how great it is that someone made software and is giving it to you.

GNU Public License

Step 7 to Install R:

Click Next. This opens a window that lets you Select Destination Location. The default is to Program Files.

Select Destination Location

Step 8 to Install R:

Click Next. This opens a window that lets you specify the components to install. The appropriate components should be checked. You always want to install the Core Files and will also want to install 32-bit Files for a 32-bit machine or 64-bit files for a 64-bit machine.

Select Components

Step 9 to Install R:

Click Next. This opens a window that asks if you want to customize the startup options.

Startup Options

Step 10 to Install R:

Select No and click Next. This opens a window that lets you select a Start Menu folder.

Select Start Menu Folder

Step 11 to Install R:

Click Next. This opens a Select Additional Tasks window. Indicate whether you want a desktop icon and/or a quick launch icon. Leave the Registry Entry boxes checked.

Select Additional Tasks

Step 12 to Install R:

Click Next. R installs. Click Finish to complete the installation.


Having problems installing R? Have a suggestion to make R installation easier? Post in the comments!

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