How to Download R Quickly and Easily

R is easy to download. These instructions will show you how to download R in just minutes to your Windows computer. If you have a Mac or Linux computer check out for more information.

Step 1 to Download R:

First, go to

(for Mac, go to and for Linux go to For Linux you’ll then need to select the type of Linux, but if you’re using Linux, do you really need help?)

Step 2 to Download R:

Next, click the link to download R. The page looks a little different for Mac and Linux but the concept is similar.

Link to Download R

Step 3 to Download R:

If you’re using the browser Chrome, a file called R-2.15.1-win.exe will then be saved to your Downloads folder and will also be shown at the bottom of your browser window. If you’re using the Internet Explorer browser, R will still download to your Downloads folder but will be shown in the taskbar instead of in the browser window. At 47mb, the current version of R (2.15.1 as of 10/24/12) takes just a minute or two on to download on a fast connection.

R Download in Chrome Browser

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