Hi, I’m Justin Meyer, and I was once a reluctant R user. When I first started using R I knew some SQL code and SPSS syntax but I had never before been completely dependent on programming to conduct analyses. When I tried to get help using R I found a lot of resources online but very little that explained the basics. The built-in R help documents were clearly written by programmers for programmers and all the R blogs seemed intended to show off complex analyses and cutting-edge data visualizations.

RProgramming.net is intended to provide this basic help to R users with simple explanations and examples of commonly used R code. In creating this site I’m hoping to help fill the need for R instruction for new users. I want to get R users from learning R to conducting analyses with R as quickly and painlessly as possible.


If you have suggestions for how I can succeed at this mission, please contact me through the contact page. You can also find me on LinkedIn though I typically only connect with people I have worked with directly. I also have a site with rock climbing gear reviews. Thanks!